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Wicklow Mountains National Park

Additional Programmes

The Wicklow Mountains National Park is a place for all to enjoy and appreciate. Accordingly the Education Centre offers programmes not just for schools but for individuals and groups from all backgrounds. The following are some of the activities and events provided by the staff of the Education Centre.

Youth, Adult and Special Needs Groups

All community groups are welcome to the Education Centre and the National Park. Games, activities and specialised studies can be organised to suit individual groups, and any special requirements can be discussed with the staff prior to the visit. The education centre and the paths around the lawns and shore of the Upper Lake Glendalough are fully wheelchair accessible.


The centre regularly hosts field studies outings for third level groups. The Upper Lake of Glendalough is an excellent location for exploring environmental science issues. This may be combined with a powerpoint presentation on the management issues affecting the Park in the education centre. We also run workshops where the students can devise their own solutions to the management issues.

Special Events

A programme of events is run annually in the summer and autumn which is free and open to all. The varied programme includes:

  • Guided walks on a variety of themes.
  • Lecture Series on a broad spectrum of issues related to parks and nature conservation.
  • Art sessions for children (7-13 year olds) structured around nature themes.
  • Events to coincide with national celebrations of our natural heritage such as Heritage Week and Tree Week.

Outreach Programme

During the winter months the staff of the education centre visit primary schools. These visits involve a specialised nature theme, which is explained to the children through the use of props, slides and games.

Art in the Park
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