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Wicklow Mountains National Park

Linnet, Gleoiseach, Acanthis cannabine

The Linnet is one of over 100 birds that have been recorded in the Park. It is pictured perching within a flowering Gorse bush. Some of these birds are a lot easier to find than others. Some are quite rare and others only visit the Park at certain times of the year.

On a visit to Glendalough you are likely to see (amongst others) Ravens cruising above the Upper Lake, Grey Herons patiently waiting for a fish to come by at the Lower Lake, Grey Wagtails wagging their tails along the streams and Greylag Geese honking on the Lower Lake. The Wheatear is a summer visitor to the boulder scree around the Miners' Village. Chaffinches which have become quite habituated to visitors can be seen scavenging along the woodland paths. In the uplands Meadow Pipits are very common and there are also Skylarks but it can be hard to tell the two birds apart. Red Grouse hide in the heather but when you come too close for their comfort they will flush dramatically.