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Wicklow Mountains National Park

Getting Here

The Park is accessible by both public and private transport. There is no entry fee. Where the Park adjoins public roads it can be entered directly. Alternatively where private land falls between a public road and the Park it is often possible to pass through the private land along agreed trails to reach the Park.

Public Transport..» The Park is accessible by public transport, though options are limited and in order to get there from other areas of the country, travel really has to be via Dublin City. It is also important to note that, if you are relying on public transport, to move on elsewhere usually requires a journey back via Dublin. In most cases, public transport will only bring you as far as towns that are several kilometres away from the Park.

Private Transport..» The Wicklow Mountains border the south of Dublin City. Main national roads lie to the east and west sides of the range. Secondary roads cross the mountains including the scenic Military Road and have a number of small unmanned car parks from which you can commence a hillwalk or just enjoy the views. If you wish to go to Glendalough the routes are explained.

Information Office

For information on which lands belong to the Park and the location of access points contact the Information Office..»

Map of Ireland
Location of Park..»

Map of Glendalough Area
Glendalough Map..»