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Wicklow Mountains National Park
Glendalough Valley

Glendalough Valley

This view is from the Glenealo Valley looking east and down into the Glendalough Valley. It is part of the 'Spinc and Glenealo Valley' walking trail (white route). This was once a major mining area for lead and other metals. Mining has left its mark on the landscape with large slag heaps and ruined buildings. They add to the dramatic landscape of boulder scree and sheer cliffs. The viewpoint pictured is marked on maps as 'Van Diemens Land' (the original name for Tasmania). During the 19th century, many Irish people were exiled to the other side of the world for offences committed. The miners believed working in Glenealo Valley was as harsh as being sent to 'Van Diemens Land' and christened it so.

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