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Wicklow Mountains National Park
Grey Squirrel

Grey Squirrel, Iora Glas, Sciurus carolinensis

Grey Squirrels have recently been sighted for the first time in Glendalough but they are not a welcome arrival!

The Grey Squirrel is originally from North America and was deliberately released in Castle Forbes in Longford in 1911. Spreading from Longford it has now colonised at least 20 counties. Grey Squirrels are larger than the native Red Squirrel and less choosy about their food, having the ability to digest unripe seeds and nuts. As a result, they are out-competing Red Squirrels and this is causing the native squirrel's population to crash across the country.

Grey Squirrels forage mainly on the ground, especially in winter. They are active from dawn until dusk and do not hibernate.