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Wicklow Mountains National Park

Maps and Guidebooks

There are a number of different maps of the Wicklow Mountains. Here is a selection of the most commonly used.

O.S. Maps

The Ordnance Survey of Ireland (O.S.) produces the Discovery Series at a scale of 1:50,000 (1km=2cm). The maps numbered 50, 56, and 62 cover the entire of the Wicklow Mountains. These maps are large fold-up sheets. The central area of the mountains is covered by sheet 56 which includes the Glendalough area and the highest peak in the range - Lugnaquilla Mountain. The northern end of the range, known as the Dublin Hills, is covered by sheet 50. The southern foothills are covered by sheet 62. These maps are useful for both driving (parking areas are marked) and hill-walking. Walkers should take note that crags/cliffs are not marked on the O.S. maps and the mapping of forest roads is not comprehensive. A map bag is vital to protect your map against rain or alternatively laminated versions of these maps can also be purchased.

Unlaminated sheets 50, 56 and 62 can be purchased at the Information Office, Glendalough (Price €8.00). All O.S. maps can be ordered online from Ordnance Survey

Harvey Map

Harvey Maps is an independent producer of maps and produce a map specifically aimed at hill-walkers called the 'Superwalker'. The map covers the central area of the mountains including Glendalough. The highest mountain in the range, Lugnaquilla is also on the map but does not include southern and western access routes. The map's scale is 1:30,000 (300m=1cm). Most compasses do not have a romer for this scale, but the finer scale of this map means that much more detail is available for navigation including crags/cliffs and forest roads. Take note that in some cases the rough tracks marked on the map may not be obvious on the hillside. Also contour intervals are 15 metres. The map is described as waterproof. It is made from glossy paper and it is at least more water-resistant than standard paper maps. Map bags are recommended for wet conditions.

This map can be purchased at the Information Office, Glendalough (Price €17.00). It can also be ordered online directly from www.harveymaps.co.uk


Wicklow Way

The following guidebooks are available to purchase in the Information Office at the Upper Lake Glendalough.
  • Wicklow Way Map Guide: This long distance walking trail is broken down into individual sections and contains an accommodation guide. Price at Information Office: €9.00. Order from the publisher East West Mapping (No online ordering facility)

Other Walks

  • Leisure Walks Near Dublin by Joss Lynam: Contains 35 short rambles in Dublin and Wicklow. Price at Information Office: €10.00