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Wicklow Mountains National Park

Monastic City

Sitting adjacent to the Park, at the mouth of the Glendalough Valley is the 'Monastic City'. This is the title given to the remains of the famous early Christian monastic settlement first established by St. Kevin in the 6th century in the Glendalough Valley.

The monks abandoned the settlement centuries ago due to religious and political upheavals but many of their hand-built stone buildings still stand testament to their way of life. At the heart of the settlement stands the 30 metre (100ft) high round tower, still keeping a watch over the valley. The only invaders likely today are the many visitors who come to stand amongst the thousand year old buildings. Clustered around the tower and dotted throughout the valley are many ecclesiastical remains and other artefacts waiting to be explored.

Many visitors complement a visit to the Upper Lake in Glendalough with a tour of the Monastic City. The remains are served by the adjacent Glendalough Visitor Centre which has an exhibition, an audio-visual show and also provides guided tours. The remains are also open to anyone who wishes to explore them at their own pace. However access to the remains is very difficult for wheelchair users.

An admission charge applies to the Visitor Centre only. Open all year. Telephone: +353 404 45325/45352. Fax +353 404 45626.