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Wicklow Mountains National Park


April 2008 - Events 2008

Our Events programme for 2008 is in full swing. See our Special Events page for details!

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15 November 2007 - Knocksink Wood Open For Business!

Knocksink Wood Education Centre, formerly the National Environmental Education Centre, has re-opened its doors under the banner of the National Parks & Wildlife Service. The centre is purpose-built for education groups and sits in the 53-hectare Knocksink Wood, a Nature Reserve with oak and beech woods, calcified streams and outstanding ground flora. Knocksink Wood is just outside the village of Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow.

The Centre will be focussing on raising awareness, appreciation and knowledge of nature and our natural heritage, for school groups, other interested groups and the general public. We are already offering a Nature Awareness programme for primary schools and Woodland Ecology studies for secondary schools, and we hope to extend that programme in the coming months. There will also be walks and events for the general public next year. Like its sister centre at Glendalough, all programmes and events at Knocksink are free of charge. But booking is essential! You can contact Knocksink Wood Education Centre at (01)2866609.

24 July 2007 - Red Kites Released in Wicklow

After an absence of 200 years, the Red Kite has returned to Ireland. 30 of these birds of prey were released last Thursday from 2 secret locations in Co. Wicklow, at the age of 11 weeks. The chicks were selected from nests in Wales, where a Red Kite conservation programme has operated for several years. The release was attended by the Minister for the Environment, John Gormley TD. The red kite is an opportunistic scavenger, and does a valuable job in cleaning up carrion. It is hoped that these birds, along with further releases in the future, will disperse and form the basis for a new stable Irish population.

Golden Eagle Project & Irish Birds of Prey

4 May 2007 - BARBECUE BAN

A ban on coal-fired barbecues will come into effect from Saturday the 12th of May. Barbecuing has become a popular activity at Glendalough in recent times. We have tried to accommodate the increased usage of barbecues (especially disposable ones) by putting up barbecue stands, special bins, directional signage and by increasing our litter collection regime. However, the use of barbecues has increased so much that it now constitutes a safety hazard. Tables, bins, lawns and the ring fort have also been damaged.Therefore, with regret, the use of coal-fired barbecues is no longer permitted on Park lands. The ban will come into effect on Saturday 12th May. Gas barbecues will still be permitted.

8 January 2007 - More New Lands for Wicklow Mountains National Park

Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, Dick Roche TD has announced a significant new land acquisition for Wicklow Mountains National Park at Glendalough. The area comprises three plots totalling some 19 hectares (47 acres), and includes land along the lower lake at Glendalough where the National Parks and Wildlife Service has already provided extensive wheelchair-accessible boardwalking. Importantly, the land includes the area around the famous round tower monastic site and secures access to the National Monument at Our Ladyís Church, as well as classic views of Glendalough, a section of St Kevinís Road and a number of other monuments. This is the second significant acquisition for the National Park this year, after the purchase of 648 hectares (1,600 acres) at Luggala last March, which joined the two main sections of the National Park for the first time.

06 April 2006 - New Lands for Wicklow Mountains National Park

Minister Dick Roche last week announced the purchase of 640 hectares of lands from the private Luggala estate, bringing the area of the Park up to 17,650 hectares. This links two previously separated areas, running from the Sally Gap southwest to Mullaghcleevaun. The area consists of a mixture of blanket bog, wet heath and dry heath habitats, and is important for birds such as Merlin, Peregrine Falcon and Red Grouse.


20 February 2006 - Hare Survey Mountain (Irish) Hare

Park staff are taking part in a national survey of the Irish Hare population in the Republic over the coming weeks. The survey takes place at night. The population of hares along pre-defined transects are being counted. This sample will be used to estimate the national population.

General information on mammals in the Park..»

4 September 2005 - Sensory Garden Launch Minister Dick Roche at launch of new Sensory Garden

The new Sensory Garden of the Information Office at the Upper Lake Glendalough is officially opened by the Minister of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, Mr. Dick Roche T.D.

19 July 2005 - Drowning

A child (aged 12) drowned in the Upper Lake in Glendalough while on a visit with a youth group. Visitors to the Upper Lake are warned that the lake is deep and the shallow areas around the edge have sudden depth changes. There is no lifeguard at the lake.

Cover of Walking Trails Leaflet 30 June 2005 - Top Tourist Destination

Glendalough is the top tourist destination in Ireland according to the results of a listeners phone-in poll on the Ray D'Arcy show on the Today FM radio station. Glendalough won the poll for the variety of short and long distance walks available.

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09 May 2005 - Visit by Japanese Emperor Visit by Japanese Emperor

Emperor Akihito and his wife Empress Nichiko visit Glendalough as part of a three-day official visit to Ireland. The couple visited the remains of St. Kevin's monastic settlement and walked to the Upper Lake along the Green Road in the company of a National Park guide.

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Management Plan Cover 29 April 2005 - Management Plan Launch

The Wicklow Mountains National Park Management Plan 2005-2009 is officially launched by the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, Mr. Dick Roche T.D.

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23 April 2005 - Sensory Garden Opening Sensory Garden

The new Sensory Garden at the Upper Lake Information Office is now open. The garden aims to offer a unique nature experience to all visitors of the Park, especially those with disabilities.

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Bell Heather
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