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Wicklow Mountains National Park
Miner's Village

Miners' village, Glendalough

The abandoned miners' village at the east-end of the Upper Lake, Glendalough sits on a geological divide between granite and mica schist bedrock. Veins of metals formed between the two rock types, principally lead. This mine ceased operation late in the 19th century but the remains of many buildings still stand and the spoil heaps descending from the disused mines are clearly visible. The scenery of marshland, cliffs, boulder scree and the steeply descending Glenealo River is quite dramatic. The Wheatear bird is a regular summer visitor to this area. The village can be reached by following either the 'Spinc and Glenealo Valley' (White Route) or the 'Miners' Road Walk' (Purple Route) walking trails.

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