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Wicklow Mountains National Park

Summer Projects

Summer project groups usually come to visit in July. The programmes we offer for these groups are similar to those aimed at primary schools but with more flexibility. They usually involve some sort of a walk or hike and a spare change of clothes is recommended. The following are some of the activities available.

Treasure Hunt

This nature orientated, team building exercise fosters orienteering and map reading skills and serves as an introduction to the valley of Glendalough. The children are divided into teams, each led by a leader or parent, running between points indicated on a map. This activity normally lasts � – 1 hour, and is a great way for excited children that have been stuck on a bus to run off some pent-up energy. Most children rave about our treasure hunts!

Scavenger Hunt

The scavenger hunt is a much less energetic event than the treasure hunt. Teams of children hunt for a variety of objects found in nature, sometimes slightly unusual. Scavenger hunts often focus on particular themes, such as colour, seasons, textures. The activities are designed to focus children's minds towards nature's detail.

Nature Walk

This is a short walk with a lot of fun! The emphasis is on the children exploring and discovering, and understanding processes rather than merely learning names. Several activities, using various senses, are used to explore nature. Activities include making smell cocktails and sticky pictures, sound games, meet a tree, blind trails, ‘un–nature’ trails, and memory games. These games focus on issues as varied as litter, decomposition, variety within species, animal and plant adaptations, and more. Magnifying glasses help to focus on nature's little things.

Nature Games

Games are used to promote the idea that nature is fun. Some games involve lots of running but also the chance to learn new things about the environment.

Nature Hike

Some of the older groups get a lot of benefit from the challenge of a hill walk. The added height of this longer walk often provides stunning views and can be a very rewarding experience for some children. Walks can take from 1 – 3 hours with varying levels of steepness and difficulty to suit all groups. Activities from the Nature Walk can be incorporated.


On wet days, art is a popular option. The art session usually revolves around a theme from nature and gives the children a chance to take a souvenir home from their trip.

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