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Wicklow Mountains National Park

Threatened Mammals

Most Irish mammals are protected under the Wildlife Act. Eleven of these have been identified within the Irish Red Data Book as being Internationally Important; two others are Indeterminate. In 1992, the EU passed the Habitats Directive. Under this Directive, suitable areas of land are designated in order to protect the rare species that occur there. Such areas are called SACs (Special Areas of Conservation). Much of the Park is a SAC, and much of the area around it has also been so designated. Within the Park, eleven mammal species are listed under the Habitats Directive, including all the bat species, the Irish Hare, Badger, Pine Marten and Otter.

The animals listed in the Habitats Directive are classified under different annexes, each with its own level of protection. Annex II species demand the highest protection – they are species whose conservation requires the designation of SACs. The Otter is the only Annex II mammal within the Park. Annex IV species are defined as those in need of strict protection. All the bats and the Otter fall into this category. Annex V species may be hunted in certain circumstances - they are described as species whose taking in the wild and exploitation may be subject to management measures. The Irish Hare and the Pine Marten fall into this category.

It should be noted that a tenth bat species - the Brandt's Bat, has recently been discovered in the Park – a new Irish species. This species will also be protected under the Wildlife Act, despite not appearing on the list below.


Habitats Directive

Red Data Book

Wildlife Act

Pygmy Shrew    Yes
Hedgehog   Internationally Important Yes
Whiskered Bat Annex IVIndeterminate Yes
Natterer�s Bat Annex IVIndeterminate Yes
Common PipistrelleAnnex IVInternationally Important Yes
Soprano Pipistrelle Annex IVInternationally Important Yes
Nathusius' PipistrelleAnnex IVInternationally Important Yes
Daubenton�s BatAnnex IVInternationally Important Yes
Leisler�s BatAnnex IVInternationally Important Yes
Brown Long-eared BatAnnex IVInternationally Important Yes
Red Squirrel   Yes
Pine MartenAnnex VInternationally Important Yes
Badger Internationally Important Yes
OtterAnnex II & IVInternationally Important Yes
Stoat   Yes
Irish HareAnnex VInternationally Important Yes
Red Deer   Yes
Sika Deer    Yes
Feral Goat   Yes



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