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Wicklow Mountains National Park

Training Courses

Nature Awareness Training

The Education Centre offers training courses in nature awareness to a variety of groups. The aim of the course is to empower group leaders with the skills and tools to teach and spread nature awareness amongst children and adults alike. The course provides leaders with the confidence to tackle the mysteries of nature without fear and share their enthusiasm with those around them.

The education staff demonstrate a variety of activities and games, which can be used to introduce the children to their surroundings and which also carry environmental themes and messages. The course is very much a case of learning through doing and all individuals are encouraged to participate in each activity, making for a fun and memorable day.

Groups which are usually represented on these training courses include trainee teachers, qualified teachers, conservation rangers, special needs leaders and community leaders that deal with youth groups. To facilitate teachers, courses are usually run during breaks in the school year.

Bog Course

The centre runs a one-day bog course for teachers each year. The course is run in conjunction with the IPCC (Irish Peatland Conservation Council). The course is for both primary and secondary school teachers. The course will equip teachers with the knowledge and skills needed to educate students about the formation, flora and fauna and conversation importance of this unique ecosystem.

Bog Course
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Upcoming Courses

If you wish to be notified of upcoming courses please email us at wickloweducation

Bog Course
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