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Wicklow Mountains National Park

Transition Years

Here are the current programmes available for transition year students:

Transition Year Challenge (2.5 - 3 Hrs)

The aim of the programme is to introduce students to the skills and knowledge needed to work in a National Park. The programme is a series of challenges which will require the application of skills that will be demonstrated to the students . Examples of challenges include a map reading challenge and an orienteering challenge. The day will give students a better understanding of nature conservation and visitor management as a career option.

Man in the Valley (3.5 Hrs)

This activity incorporates a 6 km hike around the valley, stopping at certain vantage points to view the influence man has had on the area. The study has a specially designed worksheet and topics covered include tourism, early Christian sites, settlement, planted woodlands and forestry, mining, farming, hydroelectric power, recreation and the National Park. It is hoped that the activities of the day will stimulate discussion amongst the students and give them a greater understanding of the effect man has had on his environment.

Biodiversity Study (3 Hrs)

This study aims to give students a taste of ecological fieldwork, which they may choose to take on as part of Biology for their Leaving Cert. The study is based on the comparison of two different habitats, such as a deciduous woodland and a coniferous woodland. Students examine the physical factors of each habitat as well as the plant, invertebrate and mammal life in each. Based on their results, the students then explore the different diversities of life within the two habitats.

Interactive Walk

Both of the above activities can also accommodate an interactive walk of varying length and time depending on the time available. The students are introduced to some of the different habitats found in the park and the staff aim to give the students a greater understanding of the management and conservation issues facing the park.

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