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Wicklow Mountains National Park

Working Here

The staff of the Park includes Conservation Rangers, Guides/Information Officers, General Operatives, administrative and management personnel. The work of the Park staff is directed by the Park Headquarters within the Regional Office of the National Parks and Wildlife Service located near Laragh, Co. Wicklow.

Conservation Rangers

Ireland is covered by a network of conservation rangers whose job it is to safeguard protected sites, enforce the Wildlife Act and liaise with the public on wildlife matters. A new panel of rangers is created every few years to fill vacancies on a national basis. The last panel was created in November 2004. The formation of a new panel is advertised in the national newspapers and on the public appointments website: www.publicjobs.ie

Vacancies arising within the Park for Rangers are filled by reference to the panel or through Rangers transferring from other areas in the country. Rangers are assigned their own areas both within and adjacent to the Park to monitor. The responsibilities of Rangers include assessing planning applications for ecological impact within areas of conservation. Rangers are also allocated Park-wide management tasks such as deer management and fire control.

Education Guides

Guides operate the education programme and provide the information service within the Park. They are responsible for providing a large range of programmes and events. A typical day may involve manning the Information Office, taking a group out on a nature walk or bringing a school group out on an ecology study. The National Park education programme manages an Information Office in Glendalough, and two Education Centres - one in Glendalough, and one outside the National Park, in Knocksink Wood Nature Reserve in Enniskerry.

Seasonal guides are recruited every year to work in the two education centres and the information office. Typically, new guides start in September, on a ten month contract ending at the end of June. Smaller contracts are also sometimes available, and permanent positions are filled as vacancies arise. Advertisements are placed in local newspapers (Wicklow People & Bray People) and here on our website. Education Guides have recently been recruited for the 08-09 season. There is a possibility that we may want to advertise shortly for more Education Guides. Alternatively, the next recruitment drive will be in late June.

General Operatives

General Operatives perform all the maintenance work within the Park. Interest in a position can be registered with the Park and notification will be issued to those registered of vacancies. Positions will also be advertised in the local newspapers.


The Park works with organisations that bring volunteers to the Park to work on various conservation projects. These projects include tree-planting, exotic species removal, seed collection and path construction. Mountain Meitheal are the principal partners of the Park.